How to find a name for your group!

We were looking to find a name for our new Thursday Venturer group. Something we can associate with. Something short. Something we can draw. AND   We found our name ¬†Supernatural Squirrel Venturers and DFs of St Albans

What we did in 2021

White Fox Pioneers and Venturers had a busy 2021 – Zoom sessions – writing a letter to our MP Biscuit baking werewolves Disco Craftivism – creating a green heart Learning all about cocoa plants, fair trade and making chocolate truffles Astro Pi – sending our message to the ISS Engineering – building bridges Childrens Rights […]

The Pioneers and Venturers Make Rope Bridges

We had a really¬†fun time making the rope bridges and testing them out. Some of the rope bridges were hard to make but we had an amazing time. We also made a rope ladder, some swings and lots and lots of bridges. The idea to make the bridges in the woods over dips was fantastic […]