How to Make Pizza in a Cardboard Box

Tonight the Epic Elfins made a pizza completely from scratch out in the open air, cooking it in a cardboard box over the coals of an open fire. Want to know how? Read on…

girls making pizza dough


STEP 1: Prepare your Cardboard Box

We lined a large cardboard box with foil, and cut off the flaps…

making the cardboard box making the oven
prepare oven


STEP 2: Make the Pizza Dough

Yes we did make our own pizza dough outside in the open air – no cheating for us! And the Elfins loved getting their hands all sticky, kneading the dough and rolling out the base.

hands in pizza dough rolling out pizza dough


STEP 3: Make your Topping

We made the tomato topping with some passata, herbs and garlic, then chopped some onion, olives and mushroom and topped our pizza.


make tomato sauce chopping the pizza topping


STEP 4: Make a Fire

We made a fire, let it burn down and added some barbecue coals.


Girls campfire making pizza


STEP 5: Prepare your Oven

We took some hot coals from the fire and put a rack on top to make a grill. Then put our pizza over the top and covered with our cardboard oven. It’s cooking!

cooking the pizza pizza cooked in cardboard box


STEP 6: Eat the Pizza!

Yum… We were amazed at how quickly the pizza cooked in our oven.

Girls eating pizza

Yum yum!

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