St Albans District camp – by River Turtle

St Albans District camp was super fun, my friends and I really enjoyed it.


The campsite was somewhere in Sarratt and it was really nice. There were rope swings, a climbing tree, and even flushing toilets. It was also right next to a very pretty bluebell woods.


Every year there is a different theme. This year, the theme was The English Civil War, and the theme carried over to everything we did, including the clan challenges (as described below).


The activities included clan challenges, (where groups competed in challenges such as riddle solving, word searches,  wacky races, song writing, and a finale of capture the crown ), whittling (where we got to make spears or bows and arrows), nightly campfires (with songs, smores, and hot chocolate), and an impromptu rolling-down-the-hill olympics.


We had to do the cooking and cleaning ourselves, in our clans, but that was okay because we got to do it with our friends, and it feels good to help each other.


I loved this camp!

a sarrat fire2

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