The Peace Elfins Learnt How to Blog

The Peace Elfins became bloggers for the night! After a few games, the Elfins were split into teams to plan out their blogs for the website. Each team was made up of the writers, the journalists doing the interviews and the designers who drew some fabulous pictures. We will be posting their blogs on the site over the next few weeks.

There was a lot of fun interviewing, drawing and writing articles. The Elfins crafted their giant blogs on large pieces of paper on the table. You can see some of their work below.

writing on why love woodcraft

elfins draw their favourite woodcraft images

why we love woodcraft

blog written by elfins woodcraft logo st albans drawing of elfins favourite things

Afterwards we asked all the Elfins to write down on mini whiteboards their favourite thing about Woodcraft.

girl holding whiteboard 2 elfins holding whiteboards girl holding woodcraft whiteboard

We learnt a lot about what the Elfins loved most about Woodcraft. Favourites include having sleepovers, camping outdoors, playing games, hiking, making pasta, singing round the campfire, making friends, cooking, having fun, climbing trees and more.

However, the thing that we all agreed that we enjoyed the most about Woodcraft was…eating biscuits!!

Biscuit eating crew

Biscuit eating crew


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