What Woodcraft Means to Us by the Peace Elfins

When the Peace Elfins learnt how to be bloggers and journalists they wrote down why Woodcraft is so special to them.

woodcraft logo st albansWhy We love Woodcraft

Woodcraft is all about peace. We do it at night when it is getting dark. It is very eco-friendly and our colour is green. We sing the creed and dig holes for baby trees. We have Peace Elfins and Epic Elfins. We do something different every week in our group; it is a chance to make new friendships. In the summer we can go to the river to collect water life with fishing nets. We enjoy camping, playing and making people feel happy. Lots of people like to cook, discover and swim because they are fun. We think of others before ourselves. We explore in the wild, we learn and know. We roam in the outdoors and enjoy the campfire smoke. We get yummy biscuits.





drawing of woodcraft campfire

Why we Love Woodcraft

I love Woodcraft because we have so much fun and we play lots of games. We also go out camping a lot and we climb trees and when I am at the top I have a great view. We have lots of camp fires and go on trips to swimming pools. We also learn a lot! We get to go outside and on lots of hikes and I like walking. Last week we did a fair trade session and ate some dark chocolate and some milk chocolate. I liked the milk chocolate best.



20 Reasons Why We Love Woodcraft!

  1. I like Woodcraft because you can make friends
  2. It is good for biscuits
  3. We enjoyed the pasta making
  4. We loved the trip to the observatory
  5. We also go camping
  6. We ate chocolate at the fair trade session
  7. We do sleepovers (if we are good)
  8. We go hiking and spend time outdoors
  9. Campfires and singing songs!
  10. Playing with my friends
  11. Cooking
  12. Playing games outdoors
  13. We made sock puppets
  14. We always do something different
  15. We love nature
  16. Anyone can come to Woodcraft
  17. It is really fun
  18. It teaches us to be independent
  19. We learn new skills
  20. We meet new people

elfins draw their favourite woodcraft images

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