Hands In 2017 Session with the Peace Elfins

At our first session back after Christmas the St Albans Peace Elfins got involved with ‘Hands In 2017’. We discussed the principles and aims of Woodcraft and looked at loads of photographs from previous sessions and activities, thinking about how the activities represented some of the aims and principles. The Elfins made collages in which they matched photographs to Woodcraft principles

Then, we made ‘Hope Butterflies’. The Native American Indians believed that if you catch a butterfly and whisper your dreams to it, then release the butterfly, in gratitude for its freedom the butterfly will take your dreams to the Great Spirit. Based on this idea we wrote our dreams for Woodcraft as an organisation, as well as a local group, on our own Hope butterflies which we decorated.

Areas that the St Albans Peace Elfins would like there to be a focus in the Woodcraft Folk strategic plan, as written on their ‘Hope Butterflies’.

  • We could improve people’s homes
  • I wish everyone would be nice
  • Being kind to everyone
  • More flowers
  • I hope that all people can have food and drink
  • I wish for Donald Trump to be destroyed
  • I wish that Donald Trump should be destroyed
  • Help people/be kind
  • I want people to be helpful
  • Friendship
  • Friendship
  • More for the homeless
  • No litter
  • Give/sharing the money so everyone is alright – food, water, shelter, school, safe, no war

Activities St Albans Peace Elfins would like to get involved in, as written on their ‘Hope Butterflies’.

  • Swimming
  • Mud faces
  • Boat making
  • Camping
  • Bat walk
  • Horse riding
  • Rock climbing
  • Making lanterns
  • Snowball fight
  • Go on a unicorn
  • Play football
  • An egg drop
  • Visit Go Ape
  • Celebration Session
  • Books Session
  • Visit Laser Quasar
  • Fun games… like races

This session provided a really interesting  insight into what some of our younger members would like to achieve with Woodcraft.

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