Lilly’s Poem

Thanks to all the children from the Epic Elfins who visited Verulam House Nursing Home and especially Lilly who wrote this beautiful poem especially for the occasion.

A Forest

by Lilly

Whistling is the sound of the wind slicing through the leaves on the trees

Owls watch from the branches with big orange eyes

Oh the sound of the crunchy leaves under my feet!

Darkness brings dancing shadows and earthy smells

Cool, crisp, clean fresh air on my face

Raindrops fall from leaves like perfect little stars

As showers give way to bright sunshine

Flowers growing in colourful spaces


Children laughing at retirement home - woodcraftThe children performed a play, sang songs, played musical instruments, told jokes and kept the nursing home residents entertained. At they end we all ate cake together which I think everyone would agree was the best bit!

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