Woodcraft District Camp 2016

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic two night camp themed in the stone age. We enjoyed: painting with berries hiking playing games in the woods making stone age jewellery helping out with the cooking making campfires climbing trees quizzes hunting for dinner

Lilly’s Poem

Thanks to all the children from the Epic Elfins who visited Verulam House Nursing Home and especially Lilly who wrote this beautiful poem especially for the occasion.

The Pioneers and Venturers Make Rope Bridges

We had a really fun time making the rope bridges and testing them out. Some of the rope bridges were hard to make but we had an amazing time. We also made a rope ladder, some swings and lots and lots of bridges. The idea to make the bridges in the woods over dips was fantastic […]

How to Make Pizza in a Cardboard Box

Tonight the Epic Elfins made a pizza completely from scratch out in the open air, cooking it in a cardboard box over the coals of an open fire. Want to know how? Read on…   STEP 1: Prepare your Cardboard Box We lined a large cardboard box with foil, and cut off the flaps…   STEP […]

Regional Elfin Day 2016

In April we hosted the Regional Elfin Day at Sarrat and invited Elfins from different groups to come together for a fun-packed day. Thanks to everyone who took part. A host of exciting activities was organised. The children loved the mud faces – who doesn’t love to get muddy? Whoever thought to bring gloves was […]

What Woodcraft Means to Us by the Peace Elfins

When the Peace Elfins learnt how to be bloggers and journalists they wrote down why Woodcraft is so special to them. Why We love Woodcraft Woodcraft is all about peace. We do it at night when it is getting dark. It is very eco-friendly and our colour is green. We sing the creed and dig holes […]

The Peace Elfins Learnt How to Blog

The Peace Elfins became bloggers for the night! After a few games, the Elfins were split into teams to plan out their blogs for the website. Each team was made up of the writers, the journalists doing the interviews and the designers who drew some fabulous pictures. We will be posting their blogs on the site […]

Woody Travels the World

Tonight at the Epic Elifins we made our own Flat Stanleys and plan to let them loose around the world! The aim is that we create flat cardboard characters, then send them to friends and family in the UK and abroad and ask for a photograph of our Flat Stanleys on their exciting trips. Find […]

Thank you to the Morris Men!

This week the Morris Men paid a visit to the Epic Elfins for a handkerchief waving, stick bashing, swashbuckling session. Both the adults and Elfins learnt to dance and jump like Morris Men. We also learned a little about the history of the Morris Men and what they are up to these days. There is […]